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This is just one of those days when it’s good to be you no matter how you look at it. That will go double if the person you’ve spent so much time thinking about is clever enough to pick up on those hints and signals and show up when they’re supposed to. The stars say they will. And bet you’ll have tons of flirtatious fun when they do.

Singles Lovescope

Someone may ask you to defend your actions. While conflict is never fun, don’t let this throw you off balance. Calmly explain your side, and don’t get too emotional. This minor problem and will blow over.

Couple Lovescope

Today is made for relationship work. The two of you ought to be communicating clearly now, and you’ve got a focus on improvement that can’t be beat. Sit down with your partner and make life better!


You don’t have the emotional reserves necessary to deal with conflict. Only make plans with those you get along well with. The others just aren’t worth you spending your cash.


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