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If money is tight, today is a good day to start figuring out ways to stretch it further. Cutting back on your expenses doesn’t have to be painful, especially if you change the little things. For example, fix your own lunches and dinners and try washing your car yourself. Get the kids involved if you have them. It’s great family bonding time. Evenings and weekends can be just as enjoyable without shopping. Use your creativity.

Singles Lovescope

Be more receptive to new ideas and you could end up trying a few. Whether it’s in the boardroom or bedroom, by giving something different a chance to flourish, you’re adding excitement to a humdrum existence.

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Sometimes it’s a relief to let someone else take the lead, and right now you may just decide to leave a decision to your partner. They’ll appreciate your trust, and you’ll get a much-deserved break.


Whether you get your wish or its opposite, it’s up to you to communicate the news to friends and family, or maybe to an investment circle. Don’t wait for just the right time. Take the initiative and get it over with.


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