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All of the different elements of your life are coming together now, which means that a lot of things that used to be mysteries are suddenly making more sense, including that certain someone. Start a new conversation today, but don’t react emotionally to what they say. The more you anticipate your next romantic adventure, the more positive it will be. Looking on the bright side really does make a difference.

Singles Lovescope

See where looking for love in all the wrong places gets you? A two-timing headache. Don’t be an alarmist, but pay attention to the subtext. When the words and actions don’t match, you have a serious problem. Deal with it sooner rather than later.

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Too much good food and good times can take a toll on you. Team up with your partner to get in tip-top shape. If you make getting healthy a mutual goal, you can keep each other motivated.


So you’re not on the same page; don’t let that make you lose your cool. You and the market don’t have to be in perfect harmony to make beautiful music together. Stay calm.


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