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A colleague you’ve been thinking about recently, someone who has been returning those furtive glances for some time now, is just about to signal in one way or another that they’re ready for a staring contest. In fact, they might even be brave enough to walk up and say hello in hopes of a conversation. Whatever happens, you’ve got to admire their brass.

Singles Lovescope

You don’t need to be paranoid, but you ought to watch out for red flags. Something small could indicate someone’s big-picture values. Ask more questions before you commit.

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Naturally charismatic, you’re a master of communication today. People will listen and be affected for the better. Put your powers to good use by giving your partner a much-needed pep talk.


You don’t have to host a black tie affair to feel fulfilled. Simple things like lunch at home can be deeply satisfying. In fact, you should remind yourself of the old saw about the best things in life being free.


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