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There is a reason this moment is called the present, because every opportunity you get to pay attention to what’s going on is truly a gift. If a circumstance is intense or feelings are running high, learn to focus on the reality going on in front of you rather than running away or trying to soften it with some illusion of your own making. Comprehending the totality of an experience is invaluable beyond words.

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Is it just you or is it hot in here? One thing’s for sure: if it is heating up, it’s all because of you! Your energy just does something to thermometers. For now, glowing is the right look for you.

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Your emotions are running high today and you’re more likely than usual to take offense where none was intended. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. If something they say upsets you, wait a while and see if the feeling passes.


You’re ready to change tacks. The only problem is that it’s impossible to pick a new course. No one else is any more knowledgeable than you are, either, so don’t bother asking for advice. Ask yourself instead if you’re ready to enter uncharted territory.



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