Daily Forecast Cancer 06-14


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Consistency is an important part of your life right now, and it has enabled you to decrease your stress level quite a bit. Today, the placid surface of your life gets stirred up a bit, but this is something you’ve been waiting for and looking forward to. It’s not an upheaval; it’s an invigoration. This change is a darn good one, full of lots of positive opportunities and some possible financial benefits as well. Never before has an earthquake yielded such a beautiful landscape!

Singles Lovescope

Keep your options open and your phone at the ready today. Your feelings may change from moment to moment, and you’re sure to be cranky if you’re tied down to any one plan or person!

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You have a healthy ego, neither too big nor too small. It’s time for you to box it up for the day, though, because any trace of it will get in the way of proper dealings with your partner.


The only thing that motivates you today is how you feel. Even the lure of money has lost its magic touch. Delve deeply into your own emotions today if you want to know what is driving you.



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