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Having power and having control are two very different things. You don’t have to be the one in charge to shape how things are supposed to proceed. Don’t think too small today. Focusing on who is actually sitting behind the steering wheel will only waste time. Today, the person behind the wheel is the chauffeur, and it’s the person riding in the back seat behind the tinted glass that has all the power, so let go of the wheel and go for a ride.

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Aren’t you chatty! A little less conversation and a little more action might be in order, especially if you’re about to spill some not entirely harmless gossip or say something you don’t quite mean.

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Loosen up on that schedule. Yes, it’s important for you and your partner to have a routine and know who has to do what, but it’s equally as important to put some breathing room into the relationship.


You’ve been caught up in your own financial drama for long enough. You’re starting to bore yourself. It’s time to look outward for a change, and not to get your needs met by others, either. Find out how they’re doing instead.


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