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You’re almost done with this project, but then it’s on to that little pet project you’ve been eyeballing. Keep that in mind when someone waltzes in late this afternoon with a bunch of overdue items, and do what you do best. Smile and handle it. If worse comes to worst, you can always ask a co-worker for a favor. It’s not like it’s impossible to find someone there who owes you one, right?

Singles Lovescope

What big-picture issue is affecting the minutiae? Before you start digging around in places better left alone, figure out what’s driving this mania. Worried about money? Your romantic life? Let it all go for now, and just focus on what’s right in front of you.

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Is your partner the strong, silent type? If they aren’t forthcoming with details, you’ll have to learn to read the signals. They might be telling you a lot without saying a word.


You may be feeling selfish, but the more you spend, the more will come back to you. That’s the theory, anyway. So dig into your pockets — and dig deep — today.


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