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The speed limit helps keep the roads safe. Go too fast and the consequences can be dire. In life, there’s an unwritten speed limit, and you’re coming close to exceeding it. Slow down for your health, for your emotional well-being, and for the sake of a new relationship. Take your foot off the gas. You’ve already missed some amazing scenery, and there are things coming up that you will definitely want to savor. Plus, when you go more slowly, it’s easier for people to keep up with you!

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It’s time to develop your imagination. By expanding your creativity, you expand your life as well. Visualize what you want in your mind’s eye, and then focus on making it happen.

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You’ve got an active imagination, and a vivid fantasy life to go along with it. Don’t be shy: Let your honey in on those secret ideas! You may be pleasantly surprised to find they’re quite willing to make some of your fantasies reality.


There is nothing new under the sun. Everything you do today brings a feeling of deja vu with it. There’s no point in spending large sums of money on something that already feels old.


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