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Consider yourself lucky if you’re assigned to a supporting role in someone else’s important project today. A low-stress environment is just the ticket for you right now. Being more of a behind-the-scenes player than a center-stage star will give you a chance to get a fresh look at the goals you need to tackle next. Too much has been going on lately, and you’re in danger of losing perspective or taking a special loved one for granted unless you make time for them.

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A sculpture park or garden is ideal for a walk now. You’ll love nature and beauty and immersing all your senses. Grab some friends or someone sweet and seize this day!

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Avoid being possessive of your partner today. Your relationship will be stronger if you treat each other with mutual trust. It may be hard for you to let go, but you’ll feel better when you do.


Be sure to stay on top of things. Everything in your life needs to be organized, from your finances right down to the thoughts in your head. Your time should be on the top of the list.


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