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Everyone gets to be cranky now and then, even you. That doesn’t mean everyone around has to be happy about it, but if they care, they should try to give you time to get over it. It’s definitely your turn now, but unfortunately, someone you love may be under the mistaken impression that’s it’s their turn. Putting some distance between you two would help, but it could be that it’s time for a big blow-up.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t force anything romantic right now. Leave yourself an exit just in case things burst into flames. Poke around in the embers without throwing any gas on the fire. Remember, safety first.

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You two could have more than a love partnership ahead of you. What does that mean? Put your heads together and see where your skills and talents intersect. Get creative and you might be surprised.


Don’t expect people to be compassionate just because they’re your friends. In fact, it might be your turn to be sympathetic. A kind word won’t pay the bills but it’s better than nothing at all.


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