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Your creativity is like solar energy: it’s stronger when your outlook is sunny! Today, if you feel like you’re running out of good ideas, run outside. Be confident in your ability to think up new ways of doing things and know that you can always rely on your sharp brain to come to the rescue. While self-doubt is natural from time to time, you need to remember that you can fix things if you just keep working at them and thinking positively.

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Your sense of responsibility is a commendable big deal, but your energy favors a little relaxation now. Find a fun activity tonight, and instead of working late get out there and meet some new folks!

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What are you passionate about? Reveal to your partner what gets you fired up, and you might be surprised to learn you have more in common than you originally thought. Let your enthusiasm inspire the discussion.


Some things that get torn just can’t be mended. Your energy flow is one of them. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise, you’re not moving forward anymore. Don’t bother with trying to patch things back together. It’s time to start on a completely new course.


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