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Having your dreams actually come true can be a whole lot scarier than you might think! It means that the Universe is actually listening to your wishes, for one thing. For another, you have to figure out what to do once you get what you want. If you’re feeling overwhelmed after a sudden rush of good fortune, just relax and sit still. Take a moment to enjoy your luck. You should have plenty of time to make decisions later.

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What’s with that office glancing game? It could be time to stop this staring contest and check out the goods for real. Invite this hottie out to lunch or for a quick coffee break. Is there substance to this, or are you just killing time?

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Hmm — you thought bowling or miniature golf was a fun, low-key activity, but your sweetie suddenly turns competitive. Keep your sense of humor. Relationships can involve playful competitiveness every now and again.


The changes you’re going through may seem financial or material but they are more important than anything having to do with money. Your possessions pale compared to what you could gain or lose. The old oxymoron, the more you give the more you get, is in effect so don’t be selfish today.


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