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As if you hadn’t had enough from your significant other, now your friends are complaining. They want to see you and they haven’t in a long time, and they’re starting to whine about it. At length. Oh well. At least they care about you. So take care of the situation. You have absolutely no good reason for working overtime today. Get out of there and indulge your friends.

Singles Lovescope

You need to buckle down and get through all of your tasks and responsibilities during the day, but your concentration may be wandering. Stick with it, and you can relax tonight!

Couple Lovescope

Right now you two are way ahead of the game, so why not use this time to enjoy being with each other? Go for a night on the town without an agenda or a schedule. Let fate and whimsy be your guides.


You don’t care how unrealistic your goals are. You want to achieve them, and that passion is all you need to move relentlessly forward. Don’t waste time listening to others, either. They’re just trying to talk you into sharing their mediocrity.


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