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This could be a day of bustling activity, split-second decision-making, and lots of surprises! But with your quick mind, you’ll be able to handle every task like a Jedi master, and then you’ll be ready for more! Nothing can slow you down or intimidate you right now, so feel free to put yourself in the center of the action. You are a superstar in the making, and a lot of people want to watch your ascension. Expect your crowd of admirers to grow by leaps and bounds.

Singles Lovescope

Feeling a little iffy about that person? Heed that instinct. Your heart knows what’s up far better than your head. Hold back until you know more, or just move on.

Couple Lovescope

Is there a lull in this relationship today? Good! Frankly, you two could use a little peace and quiet. You’ve both been busy with work, social engagements, family — a comfortable silence refreshes you both.


Your life would be a better place to be if others in it kept their emotions as tightly controlled as you do. Or would it? Let yourself react for a change. When it comes to your finances, why limit yourself to joy?


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