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When was the last time you wrote anyone a love letter, not an email? You know, the old-fashioned pen-on-paper note that you put into an envelope, stamp, and send via the post office? No one does it anymore because digital means are so much easier, but since when should convenience be such a big part of expressing your feelings for someone? Today, write a love letter to someone you care about. It could even be yourself! You will brighten someone’s life immensely.

Singles Lovescope

Perhaps your next crush should be someone with a quick mind instead of fast hands? When you go searching for a soul mate, it’s best to find a person whose mental capacity is as stimulating as their sex appeal. You want the whole package.

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Problems or just plain annoyances at work? Leave them there entirely. Take a vow of silence about it if you have to, and enjoy every little thing about your partner. It’s like a little vacation!


If you had travel plans, you might be finding yourself scrambling for a replacement agenda. No matter how firm they were in your own mind, outside forces had their way with them. You’re still determined to enjoy your day, though, even if you’re stuck at home. And you will.


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