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Today could provide you with the perfect opportunity to confront someone you’ve been having trouble with. You’ll be able to communicate your issues without any anger or defensiveness erupting as long as you stay tuned in to your more compassionate side. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and you’ll see how to deliver your message without offending them or hurting their feelings. By respecting them, you can set up a great foundation for a stronger relationship.

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Spot something offbeat and devise a creative compliment around it. You might blow this person away in a good way because they thought nobody noticed. It’s a great inroad to a potential romance.

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Eccentric interests prove enlightening to your partner. Don’t be annoyed by things you may not initially understand. They’ll be happy to explain the attraction.


If your financial ship is sailing through stormy seas, then focus on calmer waters. You’re still the captain of your own destiny when it comes to your own home, with or without waterfront views.


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