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Taking action is something that you need to take seriously right now. There should be no kneejerk reactions or spontaneous bursts of energy for you today. If you move forward just because you don’t feel like standing still right now, you’re bound to do something you regret — and that you can’t undo later on. So deliberate. Take your time. The people who really matter will wait for you to come to your own decisions. Ignore anyone who tries to rush you.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got impulses that are extra potent now, which could come in handy when it comes to love! Send that message, follow up that sidelong glance, and smile with constant eye contact.

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to have to deal with issues around the house today, and with luck your partner will be more of a help than a hindrance. Most likely you’ll get the support you need.


You know the drill: when socializing over food, everyone should act happy and content. And yet the world economy is crumbling around you. Are you fiddling while Rome burns? Not just yet.


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