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Your financial worries should subside for a time when you get wind of a surprising new development. It’s a relief, of course, but there might be a few extra complications, so err on the side of caution and make contingency plans just in case. Don’t act on that Plan B unless you must, or you undermine the good fortune that just landed in your lap. Just make sure it’s safely tucked away in case you need it.

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Stability is important now, and that might preclude going out on any kind of romantic limb for the time being. Try an activity that helps you feel grounded, such as exercise or meditation.

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Your emotions are going to lead the way to the good stuff today even if you start seriously grouchy. However you feel, be honest about it and make sure that your partner can deal.


You appreciate many things that others don’t. That means you value things that have no price tag. Don’t stop doing that, but don’t let things like music and poetry take the place of bricks and mortar, either.


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