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Your gift is the great ability to accept the things you can’t change in your life, which will come in handy. There is a lot going on that is beyond your control right now, and there is no point in getting frustrated about it. Your best bet is to keep busy with the few things you can control, such as your attitude, confidence, and focus. This period will pass soon enough, but in the meantime you should get comfortable doing what you’re told.

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A friend just doesn’t understand how you manage to keep calm in light of all the recent changing developments. Let them in on the big secret: deep breathing and remembering the big picture.

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If your sweetheart is being a little distant, don’t take it personally. Give them the space they need, and use the time to focus on your own concerns. They come around when they are ready.


You have the opposite of the Midas touch. You can spend a fortune on just about anything. Even the old standby of making your own lunch turns into an exercise in gourmet food when in your hands. Money flows like water on even the simplest things. Sigh.


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