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To encourage more growth in one of your friendships, you should be more generous with your constructive criticism. This person can take honesty, and they want you to be honest with them. You just have to be sure that you give them that honesty with a coating of sugar. Focus on the positive and amp up your enthusiasm before telling them the downside of their behavior. You have a right to be a more active part of this relationship. And in order to do so, you have to speak up more.

Singles Lovescope

There’s no reason to say yes to the first person who asks you out or send a message to the first dating profile you happen to click on. Take your time and wait for someone who really excites you.

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You love keeping small secrets from your partner, and what makes you happy generally makes them happy. Don’t overplay your hand, though. A little mystery goes a long way in a relationship.


The power struggle between you and money seems fierce, until you compare it to the world economy. That should make you feel blameless, not meaningless. Anything weirder is out of place.


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