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Have you been feeling a time crunch lately? If you’re looking for more time, first decide what you need that extra time for. If it’s a matter of finding more time to spend with loved ones, then the solution is simple – reschedule business in order to make room for the personal. But if you need more time to work on a project, let your family and friends know that you need to hunker down without distractions. They’ll understand.

Singles Lovescope

Work could be a bit stressful today, with people making unreasonable demands. Unwind at home with takeout, and then spend some time flirting online. Your day will end on a much happier note!

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You love being with your partner, but who says you have to love being with them all the time? You don’t, you know. If you’re in a solitary mood today, find some space for yourself and use it.


Financial concerns eclipse all others. Not that they haven’t done all year, but you’re staring down the barrel of a serious deadline. Delaying was your first mistake. Now watch out for others.


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