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It can be hard to be totally objective when your feelings are at stake, but if you can separate your emotions from what you need to do right now, you will be able to swing it with little if any difficulty. Organization could be a surprisingly helpful aid for you right now. It will help you get a complete overview of what you’re dealing with and make it obvious what you need to do first. Prioritization will be the key to staying on top of things and staying strong.

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Today’s hard work pays off soon, so take care of all that laundry, bill paying, and e-mail as soon as you can. With that drudge work out of the way, you’re free to have more fun.

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You’re going to be in a really different space now, and your partner might get a little worried that it’s a long-term thing. Try to reassure them that you’ll be back to normal really soon.


If you want to make the best of a bad situation, you have to be intellectual about it. Unfortunately the only thing you can affect is your own frame of mind. You won’t make it all the way to fun, but don’t stop until your mood is noticeably lighter.


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