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Your enthusiasm about one aspect of your life is going to start bubbling over to another part of your life. Things could get a little messy, but you’ll love every minute of the fun chaos, and so will the people who are closest to you. You’ll have a smile plastered to your face all day long, and a great attitude about even the most boring-sounding things. Balancing your accounts? Sounds like a blast! Cleaning out the garage? Can’t think of a more fun thing to do!

Singles Lovescope

A clash of personalities creates sparks. This is one of those love/hate situations. Either you and this person will end up getting married, or they’ll join the heap of discarded dates. You’ll know which it is when your eyes lock.

Couple Lovescope

Your partner’s behavior has you bewildered. What’s going on? Accept that everyone has an off day once in a while. If the weirdness doesn’t pass, you might want to ask what’s on their mind.


Your plans for your financial future may seem like a boring, plodding route but it’s really not the right avenue for glamour and excitement. Find that in other areas of your life. Don’t take any chances with your nest egg.


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