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If you want to make today a productive day, you’re going to have to get opinions from other people while at the same time avoiding inflicting your opinions on them! It sounds like tricky business, but if anyone can pull it off with grace, you can. Your thoughts are only going to take things off track and cause conversations to go off on fun yet time-consuming tangents, so focus on getting input from others because, right now, what they say goes.

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Think of your life as a classic screwball romantic comedy. There’s witty repartee. There’s a sassy sidekick. Most importantly (and satisfyingly), there are hilarious misunderstandings that lead to a sweet resolution.

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Encourage each other to aspire to excellence. That means you must strike a balance between inspiration and method, enthusiasm and hard work. When one of you flags, the other can work to pick things up.


Whether it’s material possessions or money itself, something of value changes hands. You should do more than hope you’re on the receiving end. Remind yourself that business is business.


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