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You have a calm energy around you today. The people you’ll be dealing with know how to take care of business the right way, without drama. Breathe a sigh of relief and know that you are with the right team. You’re in good hands! You can now feel free to stop worrying so much about how things are going to go and start enjoying your work. You can learn a lot from these people. Start a conversation and let the knowledge soak in.

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If you look in the window and see something you just have to have, you might buy it. It’s a little trickier with people. You have to work on it a little more before they’ll come home with you.

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Your emotions are running high today, and you’re more likely to take offense where none was intended. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt. If something they say upsets you, wait a bit and see if the feeling passes.


It’s hard to go over boring numbers when there’s no one around to force you to, but remember that when it comes to whether or not you succeed in life, you are really the only one in a position of authority. Letting yourself off the hook might be fun for the day, but your penalties are adding up. Be the kind of boss you already want for yourself.


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