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Hard work won’t actually kill you, but why should you take the chance? Today, tell your ambition to take a hike and then take a hike yourself. An hour of physical activity will make you feel ten times better than checking items off your to-do list. Relaxing isn’t the same thing as vegetation, however. Keep yourself active, but do it for the sake of doing it and not for the points you could score.

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The power of touch is undeniable. A nonchalant brush of the arm or gentle rub of the neck relays everything that words can’t convey. It seems like all of life is lived online right now, but it won’t last forever!

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You might be able to move past old troubles by working a little creative magic that you didn’t even realize you had available. While your partner is pouting or stressing, you should be pouring on the charm!


You’re at loose ends. That’s what looking at the numbers does to you these days. But you can still do something to pull yourself together. Do something healthy or start to get fit.


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