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Your reputation as a magnanimous and kind person could make a new person on the scene think that they can take advantage of you. Ha! The joke will be on them when you prove in dramatic fashion that’s not the case. Don’t be afraid to come off as rude to people who underestimate you. They did you the disservice of underestimating you, so there’s no need to bend over backward to be polite. This is admittedly a rocky start for the two of you, but things will steadily improve.

Singles Lovescope

Prying yourself out of bed could be a challenge this morning. Get yourself a little treat and get one for your partner as well. Small kindnesses can turn this day from blah to pretty darn cool.

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got some big feelings to work through this morning, so take your time and get them all straightened out. By tonight, the two of you should feel closer than ever and ready to take on the world.


Your legs are like lead and you have trouble picking your feet up to walk. No, this is not an anxiety dream, but it is just a metaphor for how you feel. Don’t let money troubles keep you from being revved up about facing life.


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