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Although this day won’t be jam-packed with excitement, you won’t be bored. Your regular routine holds quite a few interesting (if subtle) nuances today. You might feel inspired to try a new creative experience to stimulate your brain get the juices flowing. Browse online at a museum or art supply store. It would be a great way to while away a free hour. You’re in the right frame of mind to see visual expression in a whole new way.

Singles Lovescope

It might not be possible to entirely understand a past love who affected every aspect of your life. Try not to play the blame game. It’s time to let go. Thanks to them, you learned something invaluable.

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Give in to your romantic side today. You don’t need a reason to shower your partner with your affection, so don’t hold back! Give them plenty of evidence that they have your heart.


Money is tight, but that’s not the source of all the infighting. It’s the possessions you already own that are causing the headaches. Some people get moody if they can’t re-appropriate your goods. Don’t let their bad mood twist your arm. That’s exactly the point of displaying it.


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