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If you were a surfer and today was a wave, you’d do best to ride it out. There’s no predicting exactly what the natural forces like tides and water and wind will do. You just have to paddle out there, catch the wave, stand up, and balance, balance, balance. You’ll react to shifts in speed or direction as necessary, so hang on tight and trust your instincts.

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Work moves so slowly today that you might be tempted to sneak out early. If you can, go for it. And take a partner in crime with you in the process. Do something relaxing or fun.

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It’s Amnesty Day! Let your partner off the hook for any minor transgressions that have built up lately, and expect that they’ll do the same for you in return. Life is sweet and getting sweeter.


How you look at things makes all the difference. You love making money. But half the fun should be having a challenge. You can be up for it if you don’t let doom and gloom wrestle you to the ground first.


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