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Thinking of the bigger picture will help you avoid a lot of conflict today, so try to let the little things slide. If a friend is adamant about something, don’t point out to them how they’re wrong. Just do it their way. And if a co-worker needs you to do a certain thing for no apparent reason, just go along with them. These are not the kinds of battles you should expend the energy to fight. Save your strength for the things that count!

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If you’ve got big ideas about what to do today, scale them back a bit. Romantic matters are somewhat confusing for the time being, so you might just want to take a break and enjoy yourself.

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Build some stress relief into your day, for your sake and for your relationship’s. A good workout, a walk, problem solving with a friend, or meditating are all ways to empower yourself and reenergize your heart.


There’s really no harm in moving sideways. It’s a legitimate way to travel, and you know you’ll get there eventually. So if your money is moving from side to side instead of up, take a deep breath and relax.


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