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Your intuition is so sharp today that people might think you have ESP – or worry that you can read their mind! Put it to good use. Perhaps there’s a particularly thorny problem at work that you haven’t been able to solve, or maybe a friend needs your help with an issue they’re having. Find a quiet place and put that remarkable brain to work. Set logic aside for the time being and just see what comes up. You might surprise even yourself!

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Partnerships and relationships are in the stars, but so is a bit of confusion. Something you’re trying to get started may not go according to plan. On the other hand, be glad you’ve got your independence.

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Personal issues with your partner could hold you back in the workplace. Dish it out with close friends, not colleagues. The conference room is not the place for confiding secrets.


When it comes to staying within budget, you’re becoming a pro. You hardly need to be reminded not to live beyond your means. The key word is ‘hardly’. You may do it by accident but being misled is no excuse for overspending, so keep on your toes. If your assets suddenly seem worth more than you though it’s just necessary reality.


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