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Don’t worry too much about that boss you’ve been wanting to ask for a promotion or raise. They should be much more than simply supportive. They probably already know what you need before you think to ask! Choose an informal time for the big conversation and it should proceed even more smoothly than you had hoped. Make it a casual lunch or maybe pizza after work.

Singles Lovescope

Stressed-out days are affecting your love life. Take matters into your own hands and sign up for a yoga class to learn how to stretch, breathe, and bend to a better state of mind. Bring a special friend to share the experience.

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The simplest thing to do can also be the hardest. There’s a pretty obvious solution right in front of you and your partner, but for some reason you’re both reluctant to do it. It’s time to figure out why.


You may have to settle for standard meat and potatoes fare these days. But while you’re cutting corners on your kitchen budget, cook up some ways to bring in more money. Boring won’t do in today’s climate; try some daring recipes.


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