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Supremely capable and hard-working people like you aren’t always the best at expressing feelings, but that all changes for you today. You’ve got a lot of emotions that you need to get off your chest, and you’re determined to express them to those who are closest to you. Not only are they pleased to hear you let it all out, but they reciprocate in ways that will please you immensely.

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Power struggles never lead to happy endings. While being right might be important to you, the bigger issue is whether you can admit mistakes. Friendships aren’t battles. Put your pride aside.

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After a period of having everything run smoothly in your relationship, you could hit a bump today. Be patient and know that this will pass. You’re strong enough to weather any situation.


Are you ready to celebrate the weekend? The answer depends on how many of your goals you met during the week. But don’t include financial goals in the list. You should know by now how to have fun on the cheap.


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