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You might have a lot of false starts today. Your concentration isn’t terribly strong. After a few minutes of working on or reading one thing, you could become very distracted and start working on something else. In order to avoid wasting your energy, do yourself a favor and get organized! Plan your day loosely. You don’t have to schedule it down to the minute. Commit to doing one thing at a time, and avoid the illusion of productivity that multitasking creates.

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So you think they’re out of your league? What do you think this is? Baseball? A comic book battle between justice and the bad guys? Come back to earth and flirt with them. At worst, you’ll strike out.

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Recent purchases have left you two with severe sticker shock. It’s time to hunker down and be more frugal. Draw up a realistic budget. The initial results will be small but encouraging, especially if you stick with it.


Creativity is a good thing, but today you need to stick to the basics. It may be dull, but slow and steady wins the race. Be thorough and conscientious rather than daring and one-of-a-kind.


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