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Taking two steps backward for every one step forward is an exasperating way to spend your day. Sometimes, though, despite making your best efforts, events conspire to send you back to the drawing board again and again. Does your plan need modification? Perhaps you’re being too ambitious or trying to bite off more than you can comfortably chew in one session. Look for ways to simplify — but don’t give up. You’re on the right track.

Singles Lovescope

Someone isn’t entirely up-front in your love life today, so start by making sure it’s not you! Say exactly what you mean, and don’t brush off any weird feelings when the other person is talking.

Couple Lovescope

Yes, you love the limelight, but you’ve got to admit that your certain someone looks pretty darn good with it shining on them, too. Let them take center stage or at least play an equal role.


The final outcome is no longer up to you. You had all this time to make or break your own finances, and you should already know by now what the ballpark numbers should be like. Just keep busy until you get the final number.


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