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There are multiple puzzles around you right now, but it isn’t your responsibility to figure them all out, at least not today. These are messes that other people have made, which means that they aren’t your problems to solve. Instead, focus your energy on doing your own thing and staying out of the drama that these people are cooking up. Don’t waste your energy on blame or culpability. Stay positive and stay out of it. Don’t get involved in someone else’s problem.

Singles Lovescope

When was the last time you took yourself on a date? Treat yourself to a night on the town or a nice dinner. Pamper yourself and bring that same mentality to your next social interaction.

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Don’t let an offhand comment from your partner ruin your mood. Try not to react emotionally, especially if your head tells you no harm was intended. Make a joke of it to defuse the situation.


You have too much of a good thing. Of two good things, actually. Time on your hands and plenty of energy are a combination that is keeping you at a standstill. The best you can hope for is for your mind to wander.


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