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Today, take any opportunity you can to watch other people deal with a conflict. Observing about how people handle their disagreements will help you get a better handle on any future conflicts you might have and definitely give you the upper hand. Today is not the time for major action or big decisions, however. It’s a more introspective time in which your mind needs to work but your body should stay relaxed. But that doesn’t mean a lot can’t get accomplished.

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Open your eyes, ears — and heart! The key to fun, flirty times is to approach your life with an anything-goes attitude while still noticing each and every tiny detail and sharing them with others.

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Laughter isn’t simply the best medicine, it’s one of life’s saving graces. Look for the funny side of these events with your partner. And see whether your entire perspective doesn’t do a complete turnaround.


You have much to appreciate, from large to small. The general mood of thankfulness runs through your day. The smaller things in life are actually where you focus the most, regardless of their cost.


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