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A battle is brewing between your more cautious and conservative side and your more outrageous and radical side today. No matter which side comes out on top, you’ll still be fine — so don’t worry, this day will be a win for you. You’ll even start to enjoy how your mood swings between being quiet and calm to being boisterous and ready to the hunt for the next party. Your unpredictability is making you very attractive to a certain someone — pay attention!

Singles Lovescope

That volunteer or cultural group you keep meaning to join (or start) needs to get going right now. It’s time to find a new way to engage your brain with others. It’s likely that your heart will follow suit!

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Be prepared for some emotional upheaval. Even the most stable relationships experience rough patches, so don’t worry too much about it. You can clear the air and carry on.


This dreary, money-sucking year is almost over. That should generate some excitement for you. If you have faith that the coming one will be more profitable, then share your vision with others.


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