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How do you keep hope alive? Just keep going. If you think you’re losing your grip on something you want, stop thinking! It’s time to be irrational. Go ahead and just ignore reality. Things won’t seem possible, but they will be if you persevere. Forget about what other people are saying and close your ears to the discouraging comments people are making. They’re coming from a place of jealousy and petty thinking. You can rise above it if you just look forward and move on.

Singles Lovescope

Try new things with someone you’ve been wanting to get to know better. Make a list of all the things you both would find exhilarating, from scube diving to dancing. Think outside the box!

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So many things are going on in your life today it will be difficult to connect with your partner. Make some time for each other if even for a short while. The pace should slow down in a few days.


Making even modest gains is quite an achievement. Don’t sell yourself short. Take pride in what you’ve managed to accomplish, even if it’s nothing more than staying afloat.


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