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Your indecisive phase is continues, and it might frustrate a few people who are trying to nail you down. Keep asking for the time you need to make your choice. If they can’t deal with that, who needs them? Your indifference to their feelings isn’t a sign that you don’t care about them. Rather, it’s a sign that you can’t change your life because other people tell you to. It’s a good thing to exercise your independence now and again!

Singles Lovescope

Romantic matters aren’t adapting themselves to your needs right now. You may want to keep it organized, but those messy feelings and unpredictable personalities keep busting out of their categories.

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Drudgery doesn’t love company. Just for today, put aside the chores and do something absolutely frivolous and delightful. Your partner will love this lighthearted side of you, and you’ll have fun, too.


You’re not the only one immobilized. It’s hard to even imagine the future, much less plan for it. At this point, your best approach is to sit tight and wait. In the mean time, relax and enjoy the simple lifestyle.


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