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The stars are throwing a party, and you’re the guest of honor, so make sure you’ve got on a great outfit and are ready to meet and greet with all your adoring fans. You’re in your element when it comes to the spotlight, so go ahead and dive right into all that warm, enveloping attention. Just make sure you thank all the “little people” who helped get you here. While your star quality is undeniable, you know you needed their help too!

Singles Lovescope

You’ve recently learned a lot about someone you thought you knew well. Now it’s time to let your insight join with your imagination. Is it possible there’s a love interest here? This person might be worth pursuing.

Couple Lovescope

So they’ve got a habit you don’t like. Preaching about it is only going to make them self-conscious or indignant. You’ve already let your point be known, and incessant picking won’t help. Take it easy.


Problems with coworkers have washed away today. Everyone gets along, and the green isn’t even an issue. Or is it the main issue? For whatever reason, all of your strife is like so much water under the bridge. You’re falling over each other to be the next one to buy a round, be it of beer, cookies or office supplies.


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