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The course of your day will be difficult to pin down, today. So even if you think you have everything scheduled down to the minute, you will find yourself revising plans once or twice (or seventeen times!). But don’t worry — these changes will be fun, and they will probably make you very happy! Sometimes, commitments are made to be broken, and people understand that. So if you need to cancel or reschedule something with a friend or co-worker, don’t worry. They won’t get mad.

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If you’ve got a date or you’re heading out with friends, be prepared for tiny mishaps, odd little misunderstandings, or plans going astray. If you handle it well (with a sense of humor), you can be a hero!

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With so much going on right now, it takes effort to stay organized. Set aside some time to coordinate schedules with your partner. You won’t want to work at cross-purposes.


You can come up with a lot of good ideas just by talking with others. That means, of course, you’ll have to share. If you want to keep everything for yourself you’ll have to come up with all the plans all by yourself. Good luck with that.


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