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You may tend toward overconfidence or even laziness today, but it must be avoided at all costs. Ensure that your colleagues know all about the schedule, since communication can easily go off the rails today. Once work is over, get some rest and relaxation, because you certainly deserve it! Try to keep your socializing low-key, because you still have things to do for a while yet.

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Why waste time waiting around when you can be your own Cupid? Shake things up — add newer, better pics to your profile, and try a new outfit in real life. Then make a few moves ASAP!

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If your partner is feeling possessive, understand where they’re coming from. You have so much going on, so many people want to be around you. While they understand (and are proud of you), they could be feeling left behind.


Coming up with an idea that stands out is even more important in today’s economic climate. Consider it a challenge that you are up for, and get to work on something creative.


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