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You are still on top of the world and breaking through the atmosphere. And if you think you’re happy now, just you wait. You’ll have a preview of coming attractions soon, thanks to a pal who will let you in on some plans they’ve cooked up for the two of you.

Singles Lovescope

Let yourself go! Restricting your fun is pointless today. You might as well do whatever your heart tells you, because the logical side isn’t paying attention. Have some fun and bring along someone special for the ride.

Couple Lovescope

Your main squeeze might misinterpret what you thought was a brilliant idea. That doesn’t mean it’s silly. This glitch just means you have to refine your communication style regarding your discovery.


A healthy ego is a good thing, but when it starts to present itself as old-fashioned arrogance, you’re going too far. You need a humbling experience today. It doesn’t have to be horrible, either. Helping someone who has considerably less than you do can do the trick.


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