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Family matters could be tricky now, but that won’t keep you from getting involved and possibly being able to solve something that’s been ignored for far too long. The ability to mediate this situation successfully will come about as a result of your devotion to your home and family, as well as a bit of help from the Universe, of course. Basically, you’re equipped to talk anyone into anything at the moment. Do it.

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When that wave of nostalgia crashes over you, you may wish everything could just get back to normal — whatever that means. When the mood wears off (and it will), ask yourself if you were really better off.

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Thinking about doing something isn’t the same as actually doing it. However, the way you think about it can influence the outcome to a great extent. So what do you two want? And how should it happen?


There’s more pleasure to be found in hard work today than there is in childish pursuits, but unfortunately you’re distracted by the latter for the entire day. Make the most of it because you won’t be getting a lot done. You might as well try to have fun.


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