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Moving forward too far too fast is a dangerous thing, so beware. You wouldn’t want to go so quickly that you miss out on a remarkable quiet moment. Today, you will have to perform a delicate balance between pursuing your goals and standing still long enough to enjoy the fruits of all your labors. Someone needs you to slow down long enough to give them some attention and answer some questions. There is no rush to the finish line. Life is a continual race, so pace yourself.

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You want it your way, which is understandable, Still, friendships and evolving relationships require cooperation and compromise as well. Strike a deal today, maybe their way now and yours later.

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Yes, your partner tries to interpret you as best they can, but communicating something in a timid way leaves lots of room for error. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty is very sexy.


You’re bewildered and befuddled by the day. Getting a grip on your time means finding something you can get completely into. Letting yourself get absorbed by the task kills two birds with one stone, as you lose yourself to find a sense of accomplishment.


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