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Are you feeling sad about something that happened in the past? Don’t. What’s done is done. You have to keep carrying on. To get your mind off of things, get outside today and get your heat rate going. Remind yourself that your body is a living machine that needs to be pushed past its normal physical limits once in a while. Don’t push yourself too hard, but do push hard enough to feel the wonderful rush of endorphins that good exercise brings.

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Tentative plans fall into place. An outing with friends shows you an example of the relationship you want and the one you don’t want. You’re especially in sync with a new member of the group.

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Your history is an important part of who you are even if you spend a lot of time and energy trying to escape from it. Today, you could be staring an old issue in the face.


Sure, luck will be on your side in the same way it’s on the side of all three-legged, one-eyed dogs. If you think it’s only a matter of attitude, then take your chances. Otherwise, play it safe.


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