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If you’ve been feeling limited or restrained lately, you can’t be blaming anyone or anything else for this frustrating situation. The only person truly affecting your life – for better or for worse – is you. On the bright side, if you caused this, you can cure it. To get a motivating burst of self-esteem, call up a friend or challenge your partner to a board game. Just do something that will help you get that winning feeling again.

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When change comes into your life today, don’t panic and create chaos. Transformation is exciting and full of possibilities, so roll out the red carpet. You’re ready for something new. Embrace this lifestyle revolution with vigor.

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You give a lot of yourself, but sometimes you need to put your needs first. Let your partner know you need a day to just pamper yourself. They might decide to help you out!


You’re addicted to thrills. If it’s not a sizzling affair, you want none of it. But your best bet today is on something safe and stodgy. It may be dull, but it will pay in the end.



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