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Be careful with other people now. Someone you have to deal with could have a very sensitive ego and be almost defensive. When they do something you don’t like or that isn’t up to your standards, be careful about blurting out what you really think. Instead, try to come up with a way to deliver your critique in a more sensitive, supportive way. The extra effort you make in communicating with them will pay off when they don’t waste your time throwing a tantrum.

Singles Lovescope

A certain someone’s trying to get hold of you, but don’t respond just yet. Instead, let the suspense build. If you’re too available, you’ll lose the suspense. Even if you’re on pins and needles, use some of that famous grit to get you through the end of the day before you call ’em back.

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The day’s about organization, whether it’s your desktop or the current contents of your heart. Tonight, you’ll be ready to talk with your partner, and it’s not just chitchat. It’s real-deal, deeper-level kind of stuff.


Your worries have you feeling disconnected from everyone. Financial stability and security are worth focusing on, but at what cost? Calm down by thinking of how much easier your life is than those of your ancestors.


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